Math Splash Series
For Grades 1 - 5

Available For Purchase May, 2023!

Looking for a way to keep math practice fun over the summer? Our summer series, A Splash of Math will be available soon! ($19.99 each)

Here at [Math]odology we believe math practice should be fun, challenging, and enjoyable. The [Math]odology Splash of Math Practice and Prep workbook is intended for all learning abilities. Spiky, Buzz, and Curly accompany students through a review of and practice with key mathematical concepts learned throughout each grade level so that students are prepared for mastery at the next grade.


 There are five “sessions” that make up this workbook. Each session contains a review, check for understanding practice questions, a fact fluency component, leveled word problems, and a brain booster challenge. 


Our [Math]odology workbooks serve to provide intentional review and quality practice so that students are problem solving, enhancing mathematical understanding, and developing reasoning skills.

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Mathodology exists to help teachers, students and parents make the connection between the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ in the world of mathematics.

Sarah Schaefer founded Mathodology and for more than 20 years has been in classrooms and conducting learning institutes across America in pursuit a world class curriculum which helps teachers and students prepare for a world that is increasingly number centric.

Mathodology helps you connect to the future of mathematics in an exciting and challenging approach to one of life’s most important skills.

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Meet the Authors:

 Sarah Schaefer: 

Principal of [Math]odology + CEO think! Mathematics


Sarah Schaefer, M.Ed., is the founder of Mathodology, contributing author of think!Mathematics, and lead author of Developing Roots (Kindergarten).  She has been teaching K-12 Mathematics in public and private schools since 1995. Sarah is passionate about mathematics, teaching, and creating relationships that result in deeper content knowledge. Her extensive experience implementing the Singapore curriculum, both nationally and internationally, has involved not only students and teachers, but leading institutes which have adopted her collaborative process. 


 Francoise Julien:

[Math]odology Learning Services Administrator


After earning a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the nationally recognized Urban Residency Teacher Partnership Program, Fran began her teaching career in public schools in Tampa, Florida, teaching mainly Math and Science in grades 3 - 5, and then spent three years working at a private school in Knoxville, Tennessee. Fran's passions in education lie in developing curriculum, creating authentic educational experiences for students, and building teacher efficacy and strengthening pedagogical approaches in fellow educators. 

Fran currently teaches mathematics to a mixed age and ability class. As part of the [Math]odology team, develops instructional tools that align with current mathematics curriculum and practices, and provides various levels of coaching to educators nationwide


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Available Friday 5/26

Mathodology Splash of Math
Table  of Contents

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5


Sample Videos

A simple to scan QR code is placed on pages throughout each workbook for students to view instructional and solution videos.

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Grade 1 Brain Booster:
Shape Numbers

Grade 2 Let’s Review Identifying Fractions

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Video Poster Image

Grade 3 Medium Word Problem


Fluency Game:
Salute for addition 

*adapted in other grades for multiplication.