We are educators. Our mission is to teach teachers to teach in new, better and exciting ways. We are innovators. Our methods and strategies are highly researched and tested in classrooms like yours to ensure amazing results. We are believers. We know that we can create an environment where students and teachers reason, problem solve, communicate and think mathematically and with passion. We know because it’s what we do, have done, and will continue to achieve in schools across America.  

Our mission

Inspire and nurture creative forces within each of us:
one teacher, one student, one school at a time. 

What is [Math]odology

Excellence in mathematics doesn’t have a genetic marker and it certainly shouldn’t require courage. Mathodology exists to help teachers, students and parents make the connection between the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ in the world of mathematics.

Sarah Schaefer founded Mathodology and for more than 20 years has been in classrooms and conducting learning institutes across America in pursuit a world class curriculum which helps teachers and students prepare for a world that is increasingly number centric.

Mathodology helps you connect to the future of mathematics in an exciting and challenging approach to one of life’s most important skills.

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Episode #59: Singapore Methodology: An Interview with Sarah Schaefer

Today we speak with Sarah Schaefer who is the go-to person when learning about the Singapore Methodology. Sarah is the Principal at [Math]odology in Atlantic Beach FL and unleashes a bunch of great tips and ideas on how to use the Singapore methodology in your classroom. You’ll also hear about how the Singapore method falls in line with the 5 practices and how you can use lesson study to avoid teacher isolation. 

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