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The true passion Sarah delivers makes my teacher's heart sing! It is so helpful to hear honesty so freely. I feel so inspired after spending valuable time practicing as a teacher and student. I am motivated by the classroom setup to run back home and make my classroom that is engaging for my students. Thank you!


Those two days were fantastic. When you come, you bring an energy that is contagious for all of our teachers. After going through the pandemic, I thought we needed a little spark in math, and you definitely gave it to us. You don't waste a minute and are so devoted to whatever we ask you to do. It was really fun to hear the impressions of those teachers who had never met you before. They were truly wowed and so excited about enhancing their teaching.  You are one talented educator, Sarah, and we are so fortunate our paths have crossed.


Sarah presented tasks that made us think.  Through these tasks,  administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals engaged in the productive struggle that our students will endure each day when using this incredible resource.  She continuously reminded us of the importance of helping our students remember that this uncomfortable feeling means that their brains are growing.