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think!Mathematics provides our wide range of learners with multiple entry points for problem-solving.  Students approach math as a language and are immersed and encouraged to try various strategies.  They learn from one another.  Sarah Schaefer's workshops with our school's Lower School teachers continue to generate excitement amongst our faculty, not just as teachers of math but as mathematicians themselves. 


I am obsessed with this program!   My son and daughter both love it so much and I am loving it too!  Math was always one of my favorite subjects and I am a bit embarrassed to say but at 40 years old, I am learning new tricks through this program.  My math skills have improved and I am so happy that my children are loving math too!  So grateful to have found this program!


My Kindergarten students LOVE math! The Developing Roots math curriculum has laid a wonderful foundation for them, providing amazing hands-on and engaging activities. My mathematicians have learned to be great problem-solvers! They enjoy making connections, exploring, and explaining what they have learned. The support we have been given through workshops and virtual meetings/coaching have been extremely beneficial. Sarah’s visit and the meaningful lesson were a perfect way to conclude our first year with Developing Roots.